[U] Ebola 2019: Beni Had Passed A 21-Day No New Cases Mark… Then…

And then, sadly. . . a new case appeared at the 24th day. That is why the protocol is 42 days — two full incubation cycles — before declaring any outbreak area. . . arrested.

Here is CIDRAP, at the University of Minnesota, on it — with a disconcerting report, indeed. All of which means we are still several months from arresting this outbreak, in the DRC:

. . . .In a disappointing development today, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) health ministry reported a new Ebola case in Beni, coming just 2 days after the former outbreak epicenter had reached the hopeful mark of going a full 21-day incubation period without new illness. . . .

Today’s announcement also noted five other new cases, including four from two current hot spots.. . .

Updated @ 5 PM EST: additional detail from WHO here. Onward — ever onward. CIDRAP is a great resource — do bookmark it. Some serious (65 to 70 mph) straight line winds, here — but warm, as hopes of spring. . . appear. Smile.


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