Full Year 2018 (And 2017) Comparisons: Lobby Spend At Amgen, Merck And Pfizer — Amgen Is The “Biggest Spender”.

As promised — here is the full year of 2018, set out side by side — for Amgen (far and away, the biggest spender, as a proportion of NYSE/NASDAQ market cap), Pfizer and Merck.

The trend from the last three years continued again in 2018. Pfizer and Amgen, especially spend quite a bit (compared to Merck), as a proportion of their relative size — to lobby the US Congress-critters (both House and Senate, and both R., and D.). Here (for the record) is some of what Pfizer was on about, in late 2018:

. . . .Drug Pricing, Antibiotic Resistance/incentives, Drug Shortages, Reimbursement for products treating Sickle Cell Disease, PAHPA. . . .

Creates Act, Transferable exclusivity. . . .

Medicare Part D, Coverage Gap. . . .

Comprehensive Corporate Tax Reform, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). . . .

2018 FDA & Labor/HHS Appropriation Bills, Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. . . .

US-Japan Trade Agreement. . . .

If anyone expresses an interest, I will also post what Amgen was lobbying about — but understand that Amgen is a more focused biologics company, and so it faces more novel and still unresolved legislative and regulatory issues, in more pockets in the US — that those a straight up powder-pill-pharma might (most of that powder-pill law and lore is now well-settled).

That said, both Merck and Pfizer have formidable biologics businesses, here in the back half of the ‘teens. Onward — with cool, but pleasant skies ahead — and only a few days until. . . the desert — for a week’s respite. Smile.


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