[U X2] I Wish I Could Laugh At The Fact That The President Cannot Spell “Hamburgers”…

On any given morning, since at least late January of 2017, we have been treated to displays of willful presidential ignorance.

To be sure, many are trivial (mis-spellings — like forrest, countrty, scott-free, madame and hamberder) — but many are simply jaw-dropping, in the ignorance he displays about so many of the fundamental matters: the role (and more importantly, the Constitutional limitations) of his office, in the larger scheme of the American style of ordered liberty — and the rigors of leading, on the world stage.

As just one example, I will note that now over 1,800 Chicago-based federal immigration hearing matters are indefinitely delayed — putting DACA dreamers, refugees, asylum seekers and green card applicants in an awful limbo. The backlog grows longer, by the day. And that’s before we talk about the 800,000 people living without a paycheck his administration owes them. Honest, decent hard working Americans all of them — are facing terrible uncertainty, or worse, due to his vain and illogical tantrum.

[I will not run any original graphic today. But when a clean, embed-ready video of AOC’s “Where’s Mitch?” makes it to GIF land, I’ll paste it here. Do go see it!]

I applaud Speaker Pelosi, for making it plain to Trump that our scheme imagines the legislative branch as a check on his hubris. He should not be invited to Congress, until he ends his own self-inflicted shutdown (with the aiding and abetting efforts, of course, of Mitch McConnell). The House has voted eight times to end the shutdown, with specific CR measures. Mr. McConnell, at Trump’s order, is preventing any Senate floor vote on any of them.

[Updated: I should have mentioned that President Eisenhower warned us, as he left office 59 years ago this morning, of the rise of the “military industrial complex”. . . now loaded with a gravy boat, of graft and self-dealing, under Trump. He was right.]

We truly are in 25th Amendment


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