A Look Back, At Oumuamua: And What It “Might Have Been” — With The Chair Of Harvard’s Astronomy Department…

More than a year, on. . . I remain skeptical, because such extraordinary claims should require extraordinary evidence.

But I do quite enjoy reading about what it might — emphasis might — represent:

. . . .[What] if we discover remnants of advanced technologies? They will prove to us that we are only at the start of the road; and that if we don’t continue down that road, we will miss a great deal of what there is to see and experience in the universe. Imagine if cavemen had been shown the smartphone you’re using to record me. What would they have thought about this special rock?

Now imagine that Oumuamua is the iPhone, and we are the cavemen. Imagine scientists who are considered the visionaries of reason among the cavemen looking at the device and saying, ‘No, it’s just a rock. A special rock, but a rock. Where do you come off claiming it’s not a rock?’. . . .”

But it does fire my imagination — just the same — if in fact it is some archaeological evidence of prior intelligence (a solar sail) from near where Vega is now — but it would have left that area, within our neighborhood, long before Vega wheeled into that space. . . you see, it seems it was floating relatively still, like a leaf on a pond, compared to its local group of stars, some 600,000 years ago.

And again, the professor argues this is more evidence of its non-natural origin or course — it was not just a random rock thrown free of one solar system. . . or so the argument runs.

In time, we may know.

Indeed, in time. . . . even if it turns out to have only been a rock — this graceful, roughly Mount Blanc pen-shaped metal-clad rock, is likely from a cosmic ancient river, a river borne of the vestiges of one or more timeless raindrops — and under those raindrops, are the words — and some of those words, are mine to you. Travel well — and do travel light. So it all. . . may end, just this way: unknown.


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