[U] An [Unrelated] Epilogue, Of Sorts: Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes — All Done. Game, Over.

UPDATED @ 3 PM EDT On 04.10.2018: In order to delay or stave off a bankruptcy filing Theranos this morning laid off essentially all its remaining employees. End update.

Billy The Kid” was handed an early St. Patrick’s Day present today, when the SEC announced settled civil charges against Elizabeth (A., for Ayn, as in “Rand”) Holmes, the “kingqueenpin” behind Theranos.

The voluminous SEC complaint against Ms. Holmes has been widely disseminated. [This is cross-posted, from one of my other projects.]

What has not been seen until now, are her “civil deal” documents — with the SEC. To be clear, this six page judgment, and the eight page order settling… formally DO NOT resolve any criminal charges. At least not today, they don’t….

But as I told the very able and erstwhile Matt Herper earlier today — I’ll be surprised if it does not turn out (eventually) that there is a deal to take criminal charges off the table, for her personally, as well.

We know she is diming out Sunny. What I didn’t know (and Yellow Butterfly reliably informs me — having seen it in today’s WSJ online) is that Sunny was (allegedly)… at one point, her lover(!?). Ouch.

And it isn’t likely that the kingpin would flip on subordinates, unless it would get her immunity in exchange for truthful but highly damaging testimony (against Sunny primarily).

I’ll keep an eye on the federal criminal docket on this one, too — just for grins.

Separately, it is “well, with my soul” — to see so many fine young Americans taking their rights (to advocate peacefully for change) into profound account — makes me. . . proud. G’night, to all of you — all, of good will. . . .



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