Exactly A Century And A Half Ago, Today… Andrew Johnson Was Impeached.

President Andrew Johnson (out of Tennessee, and a man who never attended any formal schooling, of any sort) was the first US President to be impeached — exactly 150 years ago today (after a week long trial and a vote of the US Senate, this day), over his pattern of firings, and resisting Reconstruction, after the Civil War.

He is widely regarded as among the worst Presidents in US history — though we can no longer label him the worst — with 45 still in office, and still doing the all work of willy-nilly firing people (cough! Rex. . . for having the temerity to truthfully say Vlad had Sergei Skripal and his daughter poisoned), and then installing a torture enabler — to now head the CIA.

So. . . here is to remembering what the constitutional mechanism of impeachment was drafted by the founders to protect against: it was written to handle people like Andrew Johnson, and Donald Trump. People who abuse the public’s trust — in the discharge of their official duties of the high office.

Onward, on a gloriously sunny Spring Tuesday — and while we support a strong education agenda — we think a one day walkout by high schoolers and even middle schoolers. . . may be what it takes to force 45 to focus on the persistent problem of gun violence (see below). Be good to one another. I’m going to be scarce for a bit. . . with son in town — for Spring Break!



2 Responses

  1. Didn’t you work on that case? Lol get it? You’re old. 😉

    • I used to write briefs with quill pens — on parchment! Hah!

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