[U] Merck Ordered To Pay $12.6 Million Of Gilead’s Legal Fees, For Former Merck Patent Counsel’s “Egregious Misconduct”

I have been in the wild northern wood — where not even cell-phone coverage exists (as a general rule). [But this is a follow up, from a year past.]

Regretably, and consequently — I missed mentioning on Friday past, that the ever able Judge MayBeth Labson Freeman, in the US District Court in San Jose, California has now finally entered her opinion (as a 17 page PDF file), as to the specific amount of attorneys’ fees to be awarded — and ruled that Merck must pay $12.59 million worth of its opponent’s legal expenses, in the Sovaldi® patent litigation, from last summer.

. . . .Specifically, the numerous unconscionable acts included lying to Pharmasset, misusing Pharmasset’s confidential information, breaching confidentiality and firewall agreements, and lying under oath at deposition and trial. The Court found that any one of these acts — lying, unethical business conduct, or litigation misconduct — would be sufficient to invoke the doctrine of unclean hands; but together, these acts unmistakably constitute egregious misconduct that equals or exceeds the misconduct previously found by other courts to constitute unclean hands. . . .

Gilead is entitled to $12,591,636.53 for the work done by Fish through June 30, 2016.

Since the total amount of reductions is about 9.35% based on Fish’s fees through June 30,2016, the additional fees incurred after June 30, 2016, are subject to the same proportional reduction based on the parties’ agreement. . . .

Gilead is also entitled to fees of $1,365,470 for Deloitte’s work. . . .

The case (overall) is still pending on appeal, in the Ninth Circuit. But the notion that Merck would have to pay for Gilead’s fees was well known — the exact amount of those fees awarded wasn’t known before Friday.

And NOW, you know. Onward — to a gloriously busy week. . . with Saturn D Ring Plunge Number 13 now underway as I post this, twisting as it streaks past, in a near blur — into the dawn “out there. . .” smile. . . .

UPDATED — mid morning: We wish Justice Kennedy’s wife a speedy and full recovery, from her hip fracture. She apparently took a fall, while traveling with the Justice, in Saltzburg, Austria — and (since he is assigned to handle West Coast petitions, during summer recess) that may delay action on the pending clarification request, on Ban 2.0, in the Supremes. Even so, we expect the People of Hawaii will have a brief on file at the nation’s highest court in about two hours, now. We will provide it in a new post, then — at noon Central, today.



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