Shorter State Of Hawaii Reply — Grandparents Have A “Bona Fide Relationship” — To Their Grandchildren

Mr. Trump’s policies are “as wrong as they are cruel. . . .” Well put, Hawaii. Well-put.

Do go read it all — whilst I’m outside of cell coverage. Here is the opening bit (of 22 pages filed overnight):

. . . .The Government has spent two weeks carrying out its unconstitutional order against the vulnerable and the weak. It justifies its conduct on national security grounds, excluding people such as a Ukrainian granddaughter trying to reunite with her 93 year-old grandmother, Ex. G at 1 (Decl. of Erol Kekic); a refugee stranded in Malawi while his uncle waits for him here, Ex. H ¶¶ 10-11 (Decl. of John Feruzi); and countless individuals who have been promised housing and resettlement in this country by a dedicated refugee organization. . . .

The Government claims these individuals have no ties to the United States and their exclusion burdens no one. That position is as wrong as it is cruel, and it makes a mockery of the Supreme Court’s directive that any alien with a “bona fide relationship” to this country cannot be denied entry. . . .

Note that the Ukraine is not even one of the six countries putatively the subject of Ban 2.0 — yet the jackboots storm on. . . Now you know — soaring. . . . gliding really, over an improbably hot zone — inexplicable by classical physical laws. It must be the proximity to that long-lost copper goddess — it must be. Smile. Be excellent to one another — I’m the ghost with the most, now. . . .



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