Lest We Appear Too Cynical, Near/On Our Nation’s Birthday…

I am rather suddenly struck here, at yet another luminous dawn, on the Sunday before our troubled, but resilient nation’s birthday — by how much more care-free and joy-filled my life is, than the news I generally report here (and perhaps even the views I express here — at least appear to be). . . .

Even so, I do feel a gravitational tug backward, as the masthead now indicates, to express what I feel is my responsibility — in the various conversations that make this nation still one very much worth fighting for. I was just reminded of this, by a video of a Langston Hughes poem, being read by Alfre Woodard. I would post it, but even it is a bit too. . . raw and real, for some in our nation (and it is sponsored by a political group with whom I do not always concur — lest it be seen as an endorsement, of them). . . so instead, I will post one from around my birthday, last year — one that still just sends shivers down my spine.

Trust me — the smiles are. . . worth it. And trust me — this captures much of what’s best about this nation, still — no pharma-bro or tiny-handed tyrant can touch this. Just press play:

Let there be. . . more hope — more peace — more of a new day of joyful forward progress, even in the face of hatred, and increasingly often. . . outright lunacy, out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. . . peace on Earth — to all of good will. . . And. . . G’day!


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