45 Is A Lost Soul — But I Think He Was Intentionally Creating “Cover” Yesterday — By Dint of Odious Tweet-Storms…

UNRELATED UPDATE: Noon EDT — We understand that “Fast” Fred Hassan has taken the stand as a prosecution witness, in Martin Shkreli’s eight count felony fraud trial — in Brooklyn this morning. Of course we will report on that tonight, and in detail. End, update.

He is truly the “Primitive-In-Chief” [with a grateful nod, to fellow-Cubs fan George Will (yes, we are all suffering, once again!), here — for the base of that moniker)].

I’ve updated my graphic — the one from the morning after 45 tried (and failed) to end peaceable First Amendment activity on Broadway, at “Hamilton“, but I will not reprint the vile tweets from yesterday. They are beneath the office — they are beneath civilized humanity. [I was going to ignore them, entirely.]

Even so, given that he is doubling down on them this very morning, I thought I might as well point out what was obvious to me, as of yesterday, at lunch. 45 is now clearly seeking to use this negative news cycle, to breathlessly crowd out the notion that he has violated both the spirit and the letter of the Supreme’s grant of cert., from just last week. As of last night, he has — by rule — tried to define “bona fide relationship to the United States” to include only brothers sisters and mothers and fathers — not grandparents. The precedents are legion, that such a definition flouts existing law. Again, by rule, he is trying to do what only the Congress ought to be permitted to. So this whole bleeding face fiasco is simply to deflect attention. Truly vile, that — here is what existing law actually provides (and has long provided), about that phrase:

. . . .[A]nyone with close family in the United States is exempt from the ban. The court explained that having a spouse in the United States would be enough to allow entry, and so would having a son-in-law. Coming to live with a family member is sufficient, and so is coming to visit family on a tourist visa. A large proportion of those who would otherwise be barred by the Muslim ban do have family in this country, and remain protected under the Supreme Court’s order. . . .

Anyone with a relationship with a U.S. entity (like a school, employer, or nonprofit organization) is also exempted from the ban. . . .

It appears relatively few can be legitimately prohibited under the Supreme Court’s decision: individuals who are abroad and have no connections to family or organizations in the United States. To be clear, the Supreme Court did not say the ban is legal as applied to those individuals. It only allowed the government to implement this limited version of the ban while it considers whether the rest can be upheld at all. . . .

So, to sum up — all Mr. Trump has done, as of last night, is create lots of new litigation — by using his would be executive order authority — to flout an explicit ruling of the US Supreme Court. See ya’ in court (again), 45 — and see ya’ (again) losing in October — on the whole Muslim Ban 2.0 idea. Ugly. [Maybe he will, later this summer, re-define (in the OED) “losing” — as “winning” — by putative executive order, as well.]

Do try to remember what the founders wanted — for our nation — this Fourth. And do be ready to resist peaceably, any attempt of any wanna’-be tyrant, to take it from you. Onward — great long weekend ahead — with a partial nuclear family reunion, now. . . Grinning ear to ear. . . .



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