[U] Exactly One Year On, Now — An Update On Implications Of Any “Brexit” — For Pharma And BioScience — And The Timeline We Predicted…

I’ll have more on all of this, Sunday at some point, after I’ve finished seasoning, prepping and grilling the requested baby-back ribs, whipped up the cornbread, and wilted/reduced the mixed greens (and assorted other sides) — all for a feverish, yet slowly recovering (but thankfully recovering, just the same) elderly relative. My time line (from June 2016) still looks spot on — if there is in fact ever to be a “Brexit”, it won’t be until late 2018 or even late into 2019, now. [Backgrounders here and here.]

UPDATE: I think it is too early to guess at what a “hung Parliament” may mean for that prospect — and whether Prime Minister May still has the political wherewithal to make Brexit a reality, at all. Overnight, the Belfast Unionists have suggested there is more wood to chop with Ms. May’s Tories, before they might back her coalition government. So this “what’s ahead” post will have to wait a few weeks minimum. I still think my time-line will prove accurate, though. [End, update.]

More tomorrow late in the day/mid-evening, most likely.

Until then, then. . . . There is nothing more peaceful than watching a baby sleep, and hearing the nearly imperceptible, but steady rhythm of the rise and fall of their small lungs taking the warm late Spring night air in and out. . . . smile. Sleep well, one and all. . . . [and on a Sunday midday tangent — I am smiling, wryly — as I read that my cousins in Ireland intend to broadly protest should 45 still visit later this Summer — based on his deplorable, insulting comments — about the Mayor of London, among many other matters. He is truly. . . a lost soul — and he will now cancel his UK visit, because he cannot stand to see the truth of what most people think of him, in a free society.]



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