Congo Ebola 2017: WHO Situation Report No. 2…

We continue with our Ebola 2017 reporting here — slightly delayed by our off-the-grid weekend duties. Still some new cases being reported (and we should expect more of that, for a while); but slightly fewer confirmed contacts now, since some of the original suspected cases have tested negative, on a PCR assay — and so those suspected contacts were cleared over the weekend.

Here’s a bit more of the detail, from the latest WHO Situation Report — a PDF list link:

. . . .As of 20 May 2017, a total of 37 suspected EVD cases and four deaths been reported, giving a case fatality rate of 11%. The reported cases are from five health areas, namely Nambwa (12 cases and three deaths), Muma (four cases and no deaths), Ngayi (16 cases and one death), Azande (three cases and no deaths), and Ngabatala (two cases and no deaths). . . .

As of 20 May 2017 the remaining 362 contacts (of 416 initially listed, 54 have completed the follow up period) continue to be monitored for signs and symptoms of EVD on a daily basis. All seven response committees are now established and functional at national level, namely Monitoring, Case management, WASH and biosafety, Laboratory and research, Pyscho-social management, Logistics and Communication. Additionally response teams have been established in the three most affected areas, Nambwa, Muma and Ngay. . . .

There is a shortage in the supply of thermo-laser thermometers [Ed. Note: any donations from J&J or Cardinal would be welcome, to be certain. . . .], key equipment for the daily monitoring of individuals listed as contacts. . . .

The government of DRC and MSF with support of WHO and other partners are preparing to offer access to the rVSV EEBOV experimental/investigational vaccine. The vaccine will be offered to contacts and contacts of contacts of a confirmed EVD case, including Health Care Workers and Field Laboratory Workers. This will be done under Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and with informed consent. . . .

Approval from the national regulatory authority and Ethics Review committee of the DRC is awaited before proceeding. . . .

Now you know. It is encouraging to read of progress — on vaccination plans. Overall, still rather tough news, on a Monday — as new cases are still being reported — but. . . onward.



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