And, A NON-Trivial Update: Merck’s Federal Propecia®/ Proscar® MDL…

Earlier today, we mentioned a small scheduling order that only affected a single bellwether case.

Later in the day today, in Brooklyn, the very able Judge Brian Cogan signed an order that affects all federal plaintiffs.

That said, I puzzled on this a bit this afternoon — as I need to be very careful here, not to provide any substantive legal advice to any individual plaintiff.

But if you are in the federal MDL, you are likely to be contacted by your lawyer (likely during the coming summer), to discuss the general and specific theories of causation being advanced by the expert witnesses. Do pay close attention. Do ask questions. That is as much as I feel comfortable saying.

I will link to the court’s order (a short 2 page PDF flie), so you will be aware of the relevant deadline dates.

[And now, apropos of nothing. . . really — but to be clear regarding the masthead change, tonight — I do think there isn’t too much to worry about on the Comey firing front — for those of us who still believe in justice under the law. It is a near certainty that even Republicans will seek an independent prosecutor now, for the Trump Russia investigation. It will be the appropriate response, in a functioning system of ordered liberty. So I am. . . sanguine.]

And with that, I will fall silent. . . .



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