In The “It Is Much Easier To LIE (On The Campaign Trail) — Than To Lead (In The White House)” Department…

It scarcely bears mentioning that 45’s latest bluster on doing something — anything — about health care delivery is. . . D.O.A.

The Washington Post gets it quite right here, this morning — so just go read it:

. . . .[O]ne of the proposals that’s moved to the center of the conservative focus on reforming Obamacare — removing the mandate that preexisting conditions be covered — is opposed by majorities across the political spectrum. Even a majority of Trump voters think that there should be a national standard to protect preexisting conditions. . . .

Unlike all those I care about, this whole ball of wax is decidedly. . . DOA. Onward on a perfect sunny Tuesday, with not a worry, or care — on this green Earth. Or at least that’s how the whole rest of the Earth will see. . . me — because I get to decide that. . . for me. . . .



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