In What Is Likely A First, CSPAN-TV Will Broadcast Ninth Circuit Hearing On “Ban 2.0” LIVE, On May 15, 2017

UPDATED — 04.27.2017 @ 8 PM EDT: The Fourth Circuit has entered an order allowing an audio only feed, allotted to CSPAN, in real time — on May 8, for that oral argument — and the court will post an audio archive on its website, late that day. That’s good news, for transparency — but it still puts the Ninth Circuit in the position, one week later, of having the only video-broadcast of the Muslim Ban 2.0 arguments, I think. Fascinating. It seems CSPAN only applied for an audio feed, in the Fourth Circuit — but I do not see a local rule prohibiting video, in the Fourth. Onward to that day, then. End, updated portion.

It is (I think) wise to allow the people of this great nation to see how their system of checks and balances functions, in their name.

But it is a rare thing, indeed, to see the inside of a federal appellate courtroom, LIVE, in real time, in session — on television. However, that is just exactly what’s on tap for May 15, in the Ninth Circuit, in Seattle. Excellent — per the court’s order, tonight:

. . . .C-Span applied to broadcast live, the case captioned above, scheduled to be heard at The William K. Nakamura Courthouse in Seattle, WA on Monday, May 15, 2017. C-Span’s request to broadcast live is GRANTED.

C-Span will serve as the pool-feed for all media organizations that submit an application. . . .

That is wonderful, truly — I am smiling ear to ear, here. But, in darker doings, do see the masthead — I couldn’t make this sort of Don-foolery up — if I tried. As of 10 PM EDT, the Trump Administration had removed the ad for his golf club from the Department of State website. Like many a person completely unaware of how others see them, I guess. . . but very nauseating — just the same. . . . G’night.



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