A Sign Of Domestic Policy Desperation? Of 45’s Threats — Against America’s Neediest Patients…

I have resisted for almost three weeks — resisted even mentioning the near daily lunacy 45 utters about his now plainly unravelling lies — on health care. But with Christ now on the cross (according to my former covenants) — I will venture forth, to tell Mr. Trump — of his ultimately impotent and banal depravity.

To speak the truth — to that vain, and small handed power. And tell the readership — though I suspect most of you saw it in the New York Times, this very morning (Paul Krugman’s opinion piece is spot on, as well). [He is threatening a wide array of the support payments (some of which he lacks the power to change, without an Act of Congress), now embedded in the US health care delivery system — well beyond de-funding Planned Parenthood, overnight.]

Although I continue to firmly believe 45 will be unable to broker any deal on his broad promises about health care delivery, it is enlightening to see his latest tactics. They smell of. . . desperation. The desperation his Congress-critters now convey to him — fresh from the town halls as they (and he) are confronted with the lies they told. And told — and told.

His latest gambit is the classic New York con-artist/thug’s gambit: “that’s a very nice safety net (basic health care for the poor) you worked so hard to build, there (Mr. Obama and the Democrats). . .” then he snarls — “it would be a shame if it imploded” (because I cut the existing funding streams). . . .

This is a form of brazenly immoral posturing — and it must be resisted. Let him own the implosion, if he dares go through with it.

He won’t. Just like a few weeks ago, with his empty threats — this is. . . just that. He will have to step away from the threat, because even the GOP Congress will not back him, in adequate numbers. It is a disgusting, odiously pungent and vain little threat, just the same. “We, the People” must tell him so. Over and over and over again.

We, the People” are not one of the many, many subcontractors on his former building projects — the ones he didn’t pay, or bullied into taking a fraction of what he owed them. We need to stand as one, and put the lie to his cheap, charlatan theatrics, on health care. No Act of Congress, until later in 2018, is my abiding bet. Even if he tries to put it ahead of the tax legislation debates — and perhaps especially so, if he is foolish enough to do so.

I’m off the grid for the weekend. Be well one and all; enjoy dying eggs if the spirit moves you! Whoosh!



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