Late In The Day, New York Time — Lunch Time, In Honolulu — 45 Has Appealed Last Night’s Nation-Wide Injunction, To The Ninth Circuit, Tonight…

Smile — gazing out into the serene, and clearing, gloaming now. . . the next stop after the Ninth Circuit? The Supremes. . . .

And (as I’ve repeatedly said, here) the Ninth Circuit has already given a pretty solid bit of Kentucky windage (back in late February) that they do in fact see Muslin Ban 2.0 the way both the Seattle and Honolulu trial courts did — as a non-starter, from a constitutional perspective.

. . . .PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that all Defendants in the above-named case hereby appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from this Court’s March 29, 2017 Order Granting Motion to Convert Temporary Restraining Order to a Preliminary Injunction (ECF No. 270), as well as all prior orders and decisions that merge into that Order, including this Court’s March 15, 2017 Order Granting Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (ECF No. 219). . . .

As I write this, the trial level Maryland result is on appeal to the Fourth Circuit (simply to complete the record, here is the error-riddled opening Trump brief, on appeal, in the Fourth Circuit). Either or both parties (on either end of the US) may then ask the Supremes to formally resolve the split of authority here. And all of that could happen pretty quickly now. This litigation has been a blur, by normal federal standards. And there is no reason to think that will change, here at the appellate level.

Onward, toward a busy travel week, to points westward, for the bulk of next week — so, my blogging forecast: light, to spotty. . . imagery will certainly suffer, as most posts will come from iPhone uploads. Now you know. . . . smile.



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