For The Foreseeable Future, Updates On Stopping “Muslim Ban 2.0” Will Appear In Hawaii — Or The Ninth Circuit…

With a clear, yawning split — among the US District Courts, and with at least three of them now entertaining various motions to “press pause” — it seems most of the actual progress on the matter will come out of Honolulu — for now. [All of this is mostly just “filler,” until we receive that coveted ping-back, on/from twisty, long legged, copper-colored Juno (a shepherded moon-lette, of sorts), announcing that she is out of harm’s way, once more — and singing, as she beams gigs of data back to JPL. . . .]

This morning, in Brooklyn’s federal District court-house, 45 filed a motion not unlike the one he’s filed in Maryland and California. Here’s the operative bit:

. . . .The parties previously informed the Court that they are discussing settlement options (ECF No. 190). The Court thus stayed the case until March 27, 2017 (ECF No. 191).

Since then, the parties have held further discussions and continue to believe that a settlement may be possible. Under Local Rule 7.1(d), the parties respectfully request that the Court stay this case for an additional twenty-one days, until April 17, 2017. At that time, the parties would file another status report suggesting how to proceed. . . .

So — all eyes continue to be, and are on Hawaii — and/or the Ninth Circuit, in Seattle, should 45 file an interlocutory appeal. And so — with ObamaCare continuing as the law of the land, we will have ample reason to smile, even through these trying times. . . .



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