Do Travel Well — But Travel Light — Mr. Berry…

Charles Edward Anderson Berry (1926-2017).

Yep — That’s definitely. . . the stuff. Just press play. [You know you want to!]

He genuinely electrified us all. Fly free now, from your tightly-curled fingers, aging eyes, tired back, and stiffened knees, man. Whoosh. You are. . . immortal, now.



6 Responses

    • Yep. The original 1980s version of a Hollywood cultural appropriation… [suggesting Mr. Berry got them… from himself, from the future (because Marty was just playing Chuck, as he learned it… from Chuck, on old vinyl)?]. Even so, though — I did enjoy the series of those movies, overall.

      In the end, it is not materially different than the Beach Boys stealing his licks — slapping ’em with some Bisquick, and making a career out of/off of them.

      Namaste, man. Still grinning…

  1. It suggests he was ahead of his time. Which is true. He was the vanguard of what became Rock And Roll. Being a semi-professional musician with more 3 decades under my belt, I can attest to Mr. Berry’s impact on our music.

    • Agreed!

    • That’s… flawless, Billy!


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