[U] NATIONWIDE TRO Entered! Live Blogging Of Federal TRO Hearing(s) Concluded…

UPDATED @ 6:30 PM EDT — Judge Watson just enjoined Muslim Ban 2.0, nationwide. Let the DoJ appeal — I don’t care. WILL issue a ruling, before 6 PM Hawaii time — or about four hours from now.

I will go out on a smallish limb and indicate (guess, really) that he will enter a TRO against Muslim Ban 2.0 — nationwide. You read it here first. Here is Judge Watson’s very cogent 43 page opinion. [END, UPDATED PORTION.]

. . .And, as we wait for the Sun to set, here in Chicago — and the start of the TRO hearing in Honolulu, Hawaii at 9:30 AM island time. . .

We will note that a federal District Court in Maryland held a motion hearing on a TRO request, against Muslim Ban 2.0 this morning — but likely won’t rule before midnight tonight, Eastern.

. . . .Hawaii’s State Attorney General, Douglas Chin, flashed a casual DLDL (or down low) “shaka” — or “all good” — island hand sign, as he entered the federal District courthouse in Honolulu a few moments ago. . . .

The hearing is now underway. . . . and though it’s not clear when the able Judge Watson will rule on the state’s request for a temporary restraining order, he might rule immediately from the bench — at the end of the hearing. . . .

Preeminent attorneys from the Washington, D.C. office of Hogan Lovells — acting “on brief” as special counsel to Hawaii — are on the phone conference line, as is the US DoJ (for the Trump Administration). . . .

Fourteen state attorneys general and 58 technology companies have also filed amicus briefs supporting Hawaii’s challenge. The attorneys general argue that the revised ban retains the unconstitutional components of the original order, including a broad ban on entry by nationals from six predominantly Muslim countries and a suspension of the refugee program. . . . the 1965 amendments to the federal INA prohibit barring entry on the basis of race, religion or nationality. . . . and our First Amendment prohibits religious tests, even more broadly.

Do look in here — for updates. . . . they will appear from time to time now, until late this evening. . . .

[Of course, there will eventually be appeals on all sides, either way. And those appeals will go. . . that’s right — to the Ninth Circuit, just as Ban 1.0, did a month ago. And you know what I bet will happen there. Smile. FINAL UPDATE: The very capable US District Court Judge Theodore Chuang, sitting in Maryland, has also enjoined it — that’s a 43 page PDF of the opinion, overnight. Onward.]



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