Meanwhile, In Brooklyn, On Muslim Ban 2.0…

This very snowy morning, in Brooklyn, the Trump Administration has filed a letter proposal with Judge Amon, in federal District Court. [Earlier background, here.]

What someone with an experienced eye for such things sees here — is that all the Brooklyn parties are in agreement, that the Hawaii action or the Seattle action (or least probably, the Alexandria, Virginia one) will resolve all these same issues before a hearing is held in Brooklyn. That is, the TROs will all either be extended, or will fail, before March 27. So the parties in Brooklyn won’t duplicate efforts before the able Judge Amon:

. . . .The parties promised the Court that within seven days after the President issued a new Executive Order, they would file a jointly proposed briefing schedule. (ECF No. 169). The President signed the new Executive Order on March 6, 2017, making the proposed briefing schedule due March 13.

After conferring, the parties believe that they may be able to resolve this case without further litigation.

Therefore, they respectfully request that the Court stay this case for fourteen days, until March 27, 2017. At that time, the parties propose filing a status report suggesting how to proceed. . . .

So — all eyes are on Hawaii, and the very capable US District Court Judge Derrick Walker, there. [For what it is worth (i.e., not much), here is the government’s latest (March 13, 2017) — mostly specious — set of arguments as to why Hawaii cannot enjoin Muslim Ban 2.0. It is 68 pages. Ugh.] Tune in on Wednesday evening, local time. That Honolulu court has issued lots of real time blogging credentials to various major media outlets, for that afternoon. We should know in nearly real time how it all turns out. Onward.



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