Pressing “Pause” — On Comments — On The GOP Replacement “Plan”…

I will likely not offer much comment on the “plan” unveiled this evening — for quite a while yet. It isn’t even half-baked, in my view.

It makes little sense to debate the particulars of the “plan” — given that the GOP presently very clearly lacks enough votes to pass it, in the Senate.

I say this, and it turns out that there are at least two fundamental, structural sticking points left to solve: (i) four GOP Senators have written a letter saying that if their states’ Medicaid expansions are curtailed, they will not vote for the “plan” — and that puts the GOP six votes short of the needed votes, in the Senate; and (ii) separately, the overall cost of the plan (still unknown — awaiting non-partisan OMB estimates) will be a reason many House GOP members might bolt on it.

Said another way, even if only two of the four Senate “defectors” actually bolt (and even if all the House GOP-ers hang in there, and back it). . . it will still fail to become law. Word.



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