BREAKING: Three (Of Seven) Likely Habitable Worlds — In One Distant Solar System Called Trappist 1 — Just Uncovered, Per NASA…

[I guess that graphic should refer to the plural case. Smile — no time to fix it, this day. It will stay as is until late tonight.] The assembled astrophysicists are saying it is no longer “if” — but when — we will prove a liquid water-world (or several of them!), in the habitable zone, in a single faraway system.

In fact, later in the webcast, it was revealed that all seven could potentially harbor life. Even so, three look highly likely — and when Webb comes online, we may be able to detect the spectral signatures of an organics-ladened haze around one or more. That would be. . . jaw-slacking.

NASA webcast has concluded is underway now. . . .

. . . .More soon late tonight, but the so-called Trappist Seven are warm rocky worlds, that orbit a sun less bright than ours — and they are only 39 light years away from us, in the constellation we call Aquarius. . . .

Be excellent to one another — far and near.



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