As 45 Readies Yet Another Meaningless, Show-Boating, Impotent Anti-Immigrant Order…

Please watch this. Please do — it is very short — and makes a cogent, and powerfully poignant counterpoint:

. . . .Diane Von Furstenberg: I am an immigrant, and America has been very good to me. . . .

We Americans are better than this, Mr. Trump — we all are. Stop with all the hateful (but ultimately impotent) show-boating — this new one, too will be stricken in the courts. Do mark my words. And I bid all of good will — all good Americans, documented and not so — a good night — all us of the huddled masses — whose progenitors yearned to breathe free. . . .



2 Responses

  1. I came here to read about science. I am leaving because I can get my politics elsewhere. No body really cares any more about any ones political views. They have their own. Do your blog a favor and get back “on ward” to the science.

    • I hope you have a sense of humor: “what?! This show isn’t … free enough for you?…”

      That said — if some 100 or so political posts — of 4,100 posts over nine years are your personal tipping point, I can respect that.

      If you’d like to scroll on by — I’m fine with that. Do recall though that no one will ever be asked to subscribe — even by leaving so much as an email or FB or Twitter account here, to view this entirely free content.

      So I guess for you, mine has become worth just about what you are paying for it.

      I do appreciate you view — but since I write this blog primarily for myself — I just may not… share that view.

      Namaste, Mr. Web… I hope you’ll be able to hold your nose — and still look in from time to time.

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