Not Quite O/T: Weekend Fare — The Infantile “Logic” Of A Sitting President Edition, On Immigration

life-no-trump-02-11-2017Um. . . Nope. I can’t hold my tongue. I too shall #persist. Nor shall I lay rest to my keyboard; I shall #resist.

This morning, 45 tweeted a pure non-sequitur, because he read it in the Washington Times (a far right rag — I’ll provide no link — because there are serious problems with the rag’s calculations). But let us play along — let’s pretend the claim is fully-verifiable. Even in that fake news world — danger should not be presumed.

Mr. Trump is apparently blissfully unaware that many hundreds of thousands of regular, law-abiding people (scientists, engineers, teachers, translators and students) from these seven countries have jobs, class-room work, and families here — and they are concerned that he will “re-ban” them all, once again — as early as Monday. So they are coming here, in droves. There is little doubt that the vast majority are law abiding. But he resorts to the most odious and pernicious bigotry — in his fear-mongering tweets, this morning. Here is his 140 odd characters — of excrement:

. . . .Our legal system is broken! “77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries.” (WT) SO DANGEROUS!. . . .

Mr. Trump labels entire countries of origin “suspect” now. It apparently hasn’t dawned on him that statistically we each have a greater risk of being shot to death by a TODDLER, with a hand-gun, in present-day America (thanks, NRA!) — than being killed in a foreign sourced terror attack.

So — do bring on your shiny, newly revamped order on Monday, sir. We will see it slapped down, in the courts, as well. This is what the peoples’ government — by checks and balances — looks like, Mr. President. 

Get used to it: now that you’ve openly and repeatedly articulated a prohibited motive for all/any of your “immigration” orders, the Judiciary will find against those same orders, on Constitutional grounds (Amendments One, Five, and Fourteen — to be precise).




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