So Sorry To Wax Political — But The Supreme Court Is Not A Beauty Pageant…

life-supremes-tv-select-2017 I couldn’t make this stuff up — if I tried.

Now we learn that 45 will televise the announcement of his preferred candidate/selected ideologue for the Supremes (largely in the manner of his prior beauty pageant stylings).

No President has ever done that. And it is demeaning of the office; the court — and the process.

We are witnessing, in real time, the transmorgrification of our federal government into a “Reality TV Show” — and especially so, insofar as our Executive Branch is concerned.

Disgusting — but he clearly needs to change the subject from his impotent and unconstitutional Muslim banning executive order fiasco of the weekend past, so he is moving up — and televising — his pick.

That’s insulting to the intelligence of most Americans. [In truth, there has been little of any real moment on the wires lately, about Kenilworth, so we are filling the space — and dead air — here. Smile.]



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