Republican Senators Propose Letting States Keep ObamaCare, Complete And Intact

life-alt-obamacare-2-0-2017To be clear, I support this notion — from Senator Collins. But to be equally clear, this simply preserves the presently-extant state of affairs, and that is (in my estimation, at least) a good thing.

So, I highlight it here primarily to suggest that the GOP doesn’t really know what it will actually do. The GOP is conflicted, and deeply so, as we’ve repeatedly noted. It does “know” that the electorate has spoken clearly — the new administration cannot take away perhaps 30 million Americans’ health coverage, without a realistic and cost effective (viable) option to replace it, first. And no one inside the present GOP (or outside of it, truly) has that planned out — not even close. Here’s the story, from Reuters:

. . . .Two Republican senators said on Monday that U.S. states should be allowed to stay in the Obamacare healthcare insurance program if they like, with one adding she felt confused by President Donald Trump’s broad but unspecific executive order targeting the program. . . .

[T]he legislative proposal by Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana would let states choose to keep Obamacare or move to a replacement program, for which states would also receive some federal funding. . . .

[45]’s nominee to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Georgia Representative Tom Price, has said there is no plan for “pulling the rug out” on millions of Americans’ healthcare as a replacement is designed. Any changes are unlikely to affect the government-funded or subsidized insurance plans covering more than 20 million people in 2017. . . .

Onward, post dinner — with a Chairman’s smile — indeed. . . .



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