The Jury May Get The Delaware Hep C Patent Invalidity /Infringement Case As Early As Tomorrow Afternoon…

mrk-gil-verdict-12-15-16 Earlier this morning, Merck renewed its motion to strike Gilead’s portion of the case seeking damages. It comes as the trial winds down, and reaches summation — and closing statements, to the jury. I suspect, like the rest of the case — it will all go to the jury, on this form — as we reported last night. Then the able judge will sort out whether parts of it need not have been asked of the jury. But that’s just my hunch, here.

Here is the latest attempt by Merck to have the Gilead damages portion of the case dismissed — prior to it reaching the jury (that’s a 16 page PDF file).

We shall now watch the horizon — and wait.

We wait — in the clear, sharply glassy and frigid polar vortex air. We will look for signs, from the south and east (of warmer, wetter air — to breeze on by). . . .

That is exactly what we will do, now. Smile. . . .



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