Hep C Patent Wars: The Able Delaware USDC Judge Has Adopted Gilead’s Form Of Jury Verdict Sheet, Tonight…

I’ll attach the as revised form from Gilead, just filed.

Here is the oral order from late this afternoon, in Delaware:

. . . .ORAL ORDER: Having reviewed the parties’ competing proposed revised verdict forms (see D.I. 510, 511), IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Court ADOPTS Gilead’s proposed form (D.I. 511), provided that Gilead makes the following non-substantive modifications: (i) change the title to “Verdict Form”; (ii) use the same size font throughout the document; and (iii) insert “of the ‘597 patent” between “claims” and “is” in the first line of question 3. Gilead shall make these modifications and provide copies by electronic mail to Idenix and the Court (in Microsoft Word as well as PDF) as soon as reasonably possible. ORDERED by Judge Leonard P. Stark on 12/14/16. . . .

Now you know; onward — and the jury may get to use that form as early as Friday afternoon. We shall see.



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