On The Virtues Of Anonymous — But Civil, And Free — Expression Of Ideas… Some 240 Years’ Worth

life-alt-condor-free-expression-2016 I’ve written a fair bit about the virtues of Alexander Hamilton’s thoughts, of late.

And it bears renewed mention, that almost all of his debates — especially about immigration, with Thomas Jefferson, in particular — were conducted in newspapers of general circulation, under various pseudonyms.

In fact, almost all of the Federalist Papers were originally printed under the name Publius. [In that sense, this medium of exchange is not so terribly different than the sort that was employed by the founders. Minus the Ju Ju Beats, of course.]

So it is that most of the central ideas that became our system of ordered liberty, and checks and balances — were penned anonymously — and debated in that same way, at first. As a protection from. . . yes, a tyrant. That is food for thought, as to the continuing value of anonymous public discourse, in times where a new leader may well challenge many of the core constitutional values this nation has held for going on 240 years.

So I will remain… faithfully supportive1 of anonymous public discourse — where the idea stands, or falls, of its own merit — and matters more than the name attached to it.


1. Having said all of that, being ghosted (or the act of doxing someone who wishes to remain anonymous) is. . . quite literally. . . beyond the pale — of civil, humane behavior.



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