“Cold” Plasmas — As Wound Care Agents: More Space Tech Reaches Earthly Development Stage…

life-fries-coke-ketchup-football-game-2016Okay — french fries are a guilty pleasure of mine (and someone else I know). And so, better french fries — made so, by ESA-led space science — well, that’s a quiet snowy Sunday night perfecta. And it’s a trifecta, when it all derives from. . . a medical application — in this case — wound care. Hilarious — and prodigious!

From the ESA release, then — a concluding bit:

. . . .Terraplasma continues to look at and develop new terrestrial applications using the cold plasma results from space. Together with German medical company Dynamify, it has formed Terraplasma Medical at ESA’s Bavarian incubator to develop systems for treating chronic and acute wounds and skin diseases. . . .

Now you know — and whenever piping hot french fries (even minus the ice cold coke, and lots of ketchup and salt!) make it into the same article as a nascent med device — you KNOW I am grinning. Ear to ear. . . g’night, one and all. . . g’night — to all of good will.



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