Just As I Said It Would — UK Single-Payer Now Covers Pembrolizumab For Lung — After Sharper Pencil Price Negotiations

I won’t unduly belabor the point, but this is increasingly the new multi-national model for new drug pricing (Keytruda® pricing being a rather pointed example): often rather steep discounts from US list prices.

Even as to truly revolutionary treatments, the world’s governmental-affiliated payers will increasingly seek — and win — price concessions from big pharma. And Mr. Frazier is (smartly, I think, given the incoming Administration is also likely to target drug pricing) talking peace, on price increases, more generally.

Here is the overnight item — you may read it for yourself. But it was all easily predictable, back from June to October 2016. So, to quote the old adage: “We’ve established what they are — now we are simply haggling over. . . price.” [But it used to refer primarily to investment bankers.] That was uncalled for. Now stricken.




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