FierceBiotech: Good Article On Phase Ib Merck Candidate For Alzheimer’s Disease

life-alz-verubecestat-2016 I offer this latest news, on a [mysteriously] rather groggy evening.

It is only late Phase I, but moderately encouraging.

Do go read it all — but here’s a bit:

. . .In the seven-day Phase Ib trial, details of which were first shared in 2013, Merck randomized patients to receive one of three daily doses of BACE1 inhibitor verubecestat or a placebo. After seven days, Merck looked at the concentrations of beta-amyloid 40 and other amino acids linked to the formation of amyloid plaques. In the cohort that mrk-alz-verubecestat-2016took the highest dose, levels of beta-amyloid fell by as much as 90% over the 24 hours patients were monitored. The time weighted average reductions for the different doses over the period ranged from 57% to 84%.

Whether those declines translate into improvements in cognitive function is a question for a pair of much larger Phase III trials that are due to begin reporting data late next year. Merck is enrolling 1,500 patients with mild cognitive impairment in one study, and has already recruited 2,221 people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s to participate in the other. Those trials are using two different scales to measure the cognitive function of participants. . . .

Now you know. I guess I should be more excited for tomorrow, after over a century’s wait. [Just the truth, here — and check for an inanimate “Where’s Waldo.] But really I am. . . not. I guess the wanting is more than the having — as I’d often true. G’night. . . .


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