As Expected. Merck’s Lobby Spend Declined In Q3 2016 — Presidential Election Year

As we’ve mentioned before, the usual trend in “regular” lobby spending in pharma at least, is to see a decrease during the heart of each four year Presidential cycle. Things pending in Congress tend to go quiet — on the lobbying front — as the mad dash to the finish unfolds.

That pattern is holding again this cycle, as it did in 2008 and 2012. [And, overall, Merck’s lobby spend is on a downward trajectory, of late.] Three years’ worth of detailed Q3 trend-line is at right; here is what the decreased amount was spent upon:

. . . .340B (no specific bill), Hepatitis C (general education; no specific bill), Human papilloma virus and vaccine policies (general education), shingles vaccine policies (general education), antimicrobial resistance (general education and DISARM (H.R. 4187), biosimilars (no specific bill), 21st Century Cures (H.R.6), Senate Innovation Project (no bill number), cost and value of medicines (no specific bill), priority review voucher, biodefense and medical countermeasures (general education), women’s health (general education), Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA; general education), Affordable Care Act, S. 3056 (CREATES Act), risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (general education), general pharmaceutical issues. . . .

Animal health vaccines, FMD vaccine bank, USDA rule for categorical exclusions for animal health vaccines, FDA guidance 209-213, FDA rule regarding species-specific antibiotics data collection, Animal Drug User Fee Act. . . .

Comprehensive tax reform (no specific bill), House Republican tax blueprint, international tax proposals (no specific bill), orphan drug legislation (HR 3678). . . .

Trans-Pacific Partnership, data exclusivity for biologics. . . .

Patent settlements/pay for delay (general education). . . .

Now. . . when (not if) HRC wins the White House in a few weeks, I would expect Merck’s lobby spend to ramp up, as the next wave of health care delivery reforms rolls through the new Congress. Now you know. And. . . beginning a clear, gorgeous Monday, with hope — hope that a long and beautiful friendship has been revived. Smile.



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