In Which Mr. Shkreli Tries To Jam Up A Pub — Unannounced… Oh — And A Crim. Pro. Update From Brooklyn

As to Mr. Greebel, there are still a few wrinkles left — but as to Mr. Shkreli, it seems the parties worked out all matters related to the former need for a bill of particulars. I’ll attach the two page letter that pre-dated the agreement entered today, by a day — so the readers may see just what level of specificity Mr. Brafman was asking from the government — and he has now apparently received the same.

Here is the order, as entered today, in Brooklyn’s federal District courthouse:

. . .Defendant Shkreli and the Government advised the court that the issues raised in Shkreli’s Motion for a Bill of Particulars have been resolved. . . .

As only Mr. Shkreli might, as he left court, he then (“his treat!”) invited his Twitter followers out for a beer (but perhaps only to the extent that any of them are more than 11 years old).

Then, the pub he named told him — and his “fans” — they were not welcome at the pub.

He apparently found another venue, but what sort of a tool tries to show up to a tiny neighborhood bar — with at least the potential of some 5,000 people — unannounced?

Naturally — only Martin. Only Martin the cad-oh-so feckless.

Keep it spinning in good karma folks — g’night — truly a fine day’s end, indeed!



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