Some Bright Fall Friday Morning Trivial Lunacy: For People Who’d (Thankfully) Forgotten Martin Shkreli Ever Existed…

I’ll repeat only the smallest bit of it, below — but if you’d like to see what happens when someone’s 15 minutes of notorious media coverage (not fame, in any real sense) draws to a bitter, sad end — do click on through. With colleagues, we are covering it, in roughly real time.

But do be warned — most of what that lil’ guy has to say. . . is retch-worthy. Let’s listen to Mr. Shkreli, tweeting in what absolutely must be a nasally high, entitled lil’ chicken-chested white guy (faux street) voice:

. . . .it takes restraint of Christ himself to not have these rookies touched–i promised my pretrial officer i’d calm down but yall got me turnt. . . .

ill leave u rekt in the street with broken bonez if u keep talking ish to me you fuck boy. wtf would you know about anything. my money long. . . .

— Martin Shkreli | Oct. 4, 2016. . .

Ugh. A cringe-worthy lil’ cretin, is he — indeed. But for my part, it is onward, to a beautiful Fall morning’s walk in, and a busy traveling long weekend. Be well, one and all. . . .



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