Fourteenth Librarian Of Congress Sworn In Today — Carla Hayden: First Woman; First African American

[We plan to feature another first, in the morning, right here as well — and that will be a look back, thirty five years on, at USSCt Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s swearing-in ceremony.]

But today, in a separate first, Chief Justice John Roberts moments ago presided over another swearing-in — this time, of the 14th Librarian of Congress — she is a former long-time champion for the Baltimore Public Library system. She also happens to be the first African American to serve — since its founding in 1800 — as the Librarian for the largest (paper) library on the planet — the Library of Congress. Here is a bit, from local news coverage, this afternoon:

. . . .Hayden becomes the first woman and the first African-American to serve as the Librarian of Congress.

“People of my race were once punished with lashes and worse for learning to read. And as a descendant of people who were denied the right to read, to now have the opportunity to serve and lead the institution that is the national symbol of knowledge is a historic moment,” Hayden said at the ceremony.

Hayden has been a champion for Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Free Library for 23 years. She has poured her heart and soul into the city’s libraries, leaving a lasting legacy. . . .

Now you know. Smiling broadly — ear to ear, here — so much going on — just so very little of it related to the life sciences, directly. But it happens that way, from time to time. . . grin.



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