“Catfished”?! — Martin Shkreli Was Invited To Palo Alto To Speak On Pharma Deal-Doing — By A Major Law Firm. No Longer.

All of this (below) transpired in a little over 30 elapsed hours. As it unfolded of course, we had graphics — so I’ve put up three small version images — click each to enlarge for full effect. [For now, we will call this whole story our Exclusive — thanks to PathoPhilia.]

It seems a prominent law firm has asked the CEO of Savant HWP, and an affiliate of Savant Neglected Diseases, to speak on a panel — about the deal he worked on, to secure an FDA approval for his firm’s Chagas candidate (and, it is STILL hoped, secure a coveted PRV, worth potentially hundreds of millions of dollars).

Next, it seems someone (unknown) also asked Martin Shkreli to describe his side of the deal, and observations on the KaloBios bankruptcy — a bankruptcy that was filed shortly after his arrest, last December. That was all some time on Monday night, with a BusinessWire newswire press release included.

By this afternoon, all references to the appearance of Mr. Shkreli — at that confab — had been scrubbed.

However, Mr. Shkreli’s Twitter feed still recites that he is seeking permission from the US District Court, in the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn) — essentially for relief from his bail conditions — to travel to Palo Alto to speak at the Dorsey & Whitney conference.

Problem is, he’s no longer speaking.
Was he “catfished“? That is, did they (or someone else) prank him? Or, did the equity partners at D&W (after a moment’s reflection) vote to “uninvite” him?

Or. . . did his criminal defense lawyer put the brakes on it, when he got wind of the travel request? We will likely never know.

But what a ride it was, over on the KaloBios Reviewed site, during the last two days — head there for all the blow by blow — with a sincere hat tip to PathoPhilia, for all the leads — and the reporting. Now you know.

In other circumstances, I might feel some pity for someone invited to the big Homecoming dance, only to be then left sitting on his doorstep. Tux on; boutonniere already pinned to his lapel. . . .

But not in these circumstances.

To quote an internet meme, of ten years passed, then: “BOOM goes the Dyn-O-Mite“!

Sleep well now, all you science majors, brimming with good will — this clearly doesn’t apply to you. Just the one.


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