UPDATING: North Wales Screening Facility Will Apparently Close, Afterall…

The total remains fixed (for now, in this local round, at least) at 300 to 360, but Merck’s spokesperson did confirm today that a part of the North Wales facility (one building at least) — a screening facility, will close, and those jobs will move to other facilities. [These facilities are separate from Upper Gwynedd and West Point.]

So it is that Derek had the correct “word on the street“, yesterday morning. Here’s a bit from the local Times Herald today:

. . . .Keller declined to give specific numbers, but said “less than 10 percent” of the company’s discovery, pre-clinical and early development employees would be affected. Multiple outside reports put that number at around 3,600 total employees, meaning 300 to 360 jobs could be cut.

According to Keller, Merck will close the North Wales screening facility, which is a separate and distinct facility from Upper Gwynedd and West Point Merck facilities, which are both located in Upper Gwynedd.

Along with the changes, Merck plans to increase investments in exploratory biology “in areas where biomedical research is converging,” specifically naming Cambridge, Mass., and the San Francisco area. . . .

Now you know — and onward, simply awash this evening,in the joys of a new generation — of perfect life. . . smile. G’night!


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