A Merck Services LLC Has Acquired Control Of Vestar’s StayWell

MRK-StayWell-2016 In what was likely less than a $10 million transaction, all in, the Healthcare Services & Solutions, LLC arm of Kenilworth has taken a controlling stake in a Vestar Capital Partners backed entity called StayWell (not to be confused with the other “Staywell“, a Florida-based WellCare health plan servicing company of the same name — this particular StayWell capitalizes its “W“!). . . .

More seriously, this is a nice coup for the Vestar private equity folks. A validation — and a suggestion that Merck intends to continue to build its relationships with payors and providers, via the LLC subsidiary. Here’s a bit, from the press release from StayWell:

. . . .StayWell will continue to operate as an independent entity after the transaction. Vestar will retain a significant minority stake in the Company. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

[Merck’s LLC subsidiary] HSS offers services and solutions that help patients, providers, and payors around the world achieve improved health care outcomes more efficiently and at a lower cost, through cutting-edge illness prevention and wellness programs and care management offerings. HSS operates as a separate business unit, independent from Merck’s pharmaceutical products business. Merck is known as MSD outside the United States and Canada. . . .

[Vestar representatives said] “StayWell also brings a large customer base, particularly in its domestic U.S. commercial footprint which includes hospitals, health care providers, health plans, major employers, and leading health advocacy organizations. Our shared emphasis on improving health outcomes, combined with our strong foundations in data, science, and evidence-based offerings, will provide new opportunities for both organizations as a result of this transaction. . . .

We will keep an eye on this one. And, it is — despite the masthead’s message — a day of encouraging signs here. And so, we are smiling, widely, Onward!


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