Nuvaring® MDL Update: Next Status Conference Now September 15, 2016 — July 6 Conference Scrubbed

Just a minor bit of Friday litigation house-keeping here, as the NuvaRing settlement wends its way toward payouts:

. . . .IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the status conference set in this matter on July 6, 2016 is continued to September 15, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. in Courtroom 16 South. The parties shall file a proposed agenda no later than September 8, 2016. . . .

Now you know. Keep a good thought for our twisty copper-colored NASA Juno spacecraft — that its 400 pound titanium “strong-box” will adequately protect the processor circuits and motherboards from Jupiter’s raging irradiation torrent — and that we will get good data, imagery even, of the sub-cloud-top features of this immense gas giant, with a spinning metallic hydrogen “sea”, beneath, come Monday night, around 11:45 PM CDT. I’ll stay up to watch NASA-TV. Smile. Onward!


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