GOOD NEWS: At Least For This Moment — ALL Of Africa Is Free Of Ebola!

MRK-Ebola-Clear-Green-Africa06-2016It is now after midnight in Addis Ababa, Cape Town and Nairobi (and more directly will be so, in a few moments, in Monrovia, Liberia) — so that means it is June 9, 2016 over there, on the vastly diverse continent — the cradle of us all. The mother, of us all. . .

Although this milestone was last reached for only a few hours on St. Patrick’s Day — we will cheer loudly and lustily — barking right at the moon, and Milky Way — later tonight (from an inky-dark Atlantic beach), for Africa is now free of the 2013-2016 Ebola epidemic. Kudos go to all the people of Africa, to the WHO — to the health professionals who literally risked their lives, and yes, to Merck, Gilead and all involved in the humanitarian relief efforts, the globe over. Kudos, indeed.

Do take a moment tonight — and offer gratitude to the Universe, that you have been born into an age, and live in an era when bio-science can effectively stare down this fearsome viral killer. Here’s the latest bit — from the Ebola Situation Report of 2 June 2016 — provided by WHO:

. . . .In Guinea, the last case tested negative for Ebola virus for the second time on 19 April. In Liberia, the last case tested negative for the second time on 28 April. . . .

The 42-day (two incubation periods) countdown must elapse before the outbreak can be declared over in Liberia which is due to end on 9 June. Guinea declared an end to Ebola virus transmission on 1 June. . . .

This date marks the fourth time since the start of the epidemic 2 years ago that Liberia has reported zero cases for at least 42 days. Sierra Leone declared the end of Ebola human-to-human transmission on 17 March 2016 and Guinea on 1 June 2016 following the last flare ups. . . .

This is to be joyfully celebrated — for however long it lasts — it is a triumph of the people of Africa — over a dread viral foe. As we disappear, likely at least until Sunday night here — for a wedding out East, do keep it all spinning in good karma; you know we will on our end. . . . smiling, with green eyes a-crinkle. . . .


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