The Cancer Revolution Begins To Mature: Immuno-Oncology Field Starts To Get Crowded — ASCO 2016 In Chicago

Note that on top of all the offerings depicted at right — the Pfizer candidate/entrant (a jointly undertaken effort with the German Merck, no relation) is still largely in Phase I — but making big strides, quarter by quarter.

Clearly (as we’ve long reported) the race is being led by BMS’s Opdivo®, and Merck’s Keytruda® running a strong but quarter-lap back second. And just this quarter, the Roche Genentech atezolizumab, branded as Tecentriq®, has garnered an FDA approval — in bladder cancer.

As you may see from the now rather busy graphic at right, the field is growing more diverse. Buckets of billions of dollars to be made, for all — but what once belonged just to two — now is open to. . . many.

I’ll not summarize all the news out of ASCO Chicago 2016, today — but rather link the press feed, itself.

Feel free to read up, yourselves — I’m headed north to the woods for the day — back late.

Smiling this morning — about all the blessings in all our lives. Onward!


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