Good News: Nine Days Until Africa Is Cleared Of Ebola Yet Again — Guinea Now Cleared; Sierra Leone Up Next.

This is — as always — ample reason for rejoicing. [Once in December 2015, once in early February 2016, and once in later March 2016 — St. Patrick’s — but only for a day.]

Now for a fourth time, Guinea has hit all clear — no new Ebola cases; no new or residual chains of transmission. In nine days’ time, when Sierra Leone does the same, Africa will have ended this 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic. Here is the news from Medical Daily — out of Dakar, Senegal:

. . . .Guinea has reached the end of active Ebola virus transmission, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, the second such declaration from the country at the epicenter of the world’s worst outbreak of the disease. . . .

The proclamation was made because the person with Guinea’s last confirmed case tested negative for the second time more than 42 days ago.

Guinea is believed to be where the world’s worst Ebola outbreak occurred, spanning three countries primarily and killing 11,310 people. Guinea was first declared free of transmission in December 2015. . . .

‘Tis truly gratifying to be able to report the reaching of this milestone — once again. So it is with bio-science: these are two steps forward, kweli. We will look up at the stars tonight, with a renewed sense of purpose — and hope. Hope for a better future, here — and on the continent of Africa. G’night, to all of good will. . . .


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