USW Local 10-86: By A 3 to 1 Margin, New 4 Year Contract Ratified At Merck West Point, PA

I am smiling quite widely, even though it is well-past my normal bedtime, here. I knew it would come (like Christmas night) — late. . . but it came. . . .

The USW’s Local 10-86 membership has just ratified a new four year agreement — and the salient terms are below — do take a look. [With the Obama administration now having to wade into the 39,000 member strong, 30 day strike at Verizon, to get people talking again — and with no raises offered at present by Verizon, I’d say the Negotiating Committee for USW Local 10-86 did a very skillful job here, in a very tough job environment. Kudos!]

. . . .Membership this evening ratified the tentative agreement between Local 10-00086 and Merck, Sharp and Dohme. We don’t have the exact count at this time. Unofficially the numbers appear to be 3 to 1 in favor of accepting the proposal.

The contract is for 4 years with raises of 2.5% each year and a signing bonus. . . .

Thank you to all who supported us through a tough process.

President Dan Bangert

2016 Negotiating Committee. . . .

This has to be a relief to many, many of the affected families. And so, a fond goodnight, to all of good will, here. Pax tecum.


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