UPDATE: Merck | West Point, PA | USW Local No. 10-86 Contract Ratification Vote, In Just Over 24 Hours. . .

Just as we reported almost six years ago, to the day (same graphic, at right, in fact) — that a three year agreement was ratified (and another one, in 2013, after a more drawn out process). . . . Tomorrow evening, the rank and file will vote on the new memorandum of understanding.

Given that the USW’s website leads with a story on the Verizon workers’ strike (members of the Communication Workers of America) now passing its 30th day, and those company-offered terms looking very, very thin — I do think it would be wise to vote to ratify. As I’ve said, usually a not perfect agreement is better than a strike. Here “the perfect is the enemy of the good.”

. . . .The Ratification Meeting is set for Monday, May 16, 2016 at the North Penn High School. Doors open at 6:15PM. AFTER everyone is properly registered and seated President Dan Bangert will call the meeting to order. . . . [The PDF of the MOU is available to members on the web-site, and has been distributed. . . .]

Onward, on a beautifully clear, if cool Sunday morning. . . . Whoosh!


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