[U] Excellent News! USW Local No. 10-86 To Hold Ratification Vote On Evening Of Monday, May 16, 2016

[UPDATE: As of 05.08.16, this content described below, from the local USW website, has been placed behind the USW firewall as well. End, updated portion.] 

We may even get to see a full electronic copy of the agreement terms. That has never happened before — not at least in the last two three-year deals — going back six years now (since I started covering this story).

But by far, the most important news item here is that the date and time for the ratification vote is now set. I will keep a good thought, come 6:30 PM EDT on May 16, 2016:

. . . .Ratification Meeting is Monday, May 16th, North Penn High School. Doors open 6:15pm. MOA should be available next week by latest Thursday. We’ll see about posting on this website when MOA is in hand.

In Solidarity. . . .

For all the families, I have long believed that agreements — even if not perfect — are better than. . . strikes. Onward, and smiling so wide that my eyes are crinkling now. . . have an excellent weekend one and all. . . .


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