Excellent News! Tentative Agreement Reached: USW Local #10-86 And Merck West Point, PA

Just as it all unfolded almost exactly six years ago, now, in early May of 2010 (that’s the same graphic, by the way) — Merck has reached a tentative agreement with the USW Local. This, after a few very tense days of working voluntarily — without an agreement.

I expect we will see a subsequent announcement — for a membership ratification vote date — pretty shortly here, but tonight here is the latest from the union local’s website:

. . . .We have reached a tentative agreement, subject to final review by the Negotiating Committee and the membership, as well as ratification by the membership.  The company had a lot of issues on the table, but with your continued support we were able to force them to remove some of the largest issues we have ever faced.  More information to follow.

Thank you.

President Dan Bangert

And your 2016 Negotiating Committee

As well our legal team from Willig, Williams and Davidson

And Lew “Spike” Dopson. . . .

Kudos go out to BOTH negotiating teams here, for honoring the legacy of excellent life-affirming science to which this company, and its team members, have fallen heir. Onward, with pride — and solidarity.


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