Merck Labor Relations Update: With No Real Progress To Report In USW 10-86 Contract Talks, Sunday Looms Large

We had honestly expected to read of some real progress, by this point — on Friday morning, before the collective bargaining agreement expires on the stroke of midnight, as this Saturday becomes. . . Sunday. But that — thus far — has not come to pass.

Here then, is the latest, from the USW Local 10-86 website:

. . . .Due to a lack of progress in talks with the Company over contract negotiations we have some very important information for membership:

Once or if a work stoppage or lockout is initiated, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT report to your Picket Duty assignment. Report to work on your normal shift at your regular start time. Go to the gate you normally use to enter the plant. There will be a Picket Duty Captain waiting to give you further instruction. . . .

In the event of the above situation, our off-site Union Office will be our center for communications. . . .

For our part, we continue to hope for an agreed solution — for the sake of the employees’ families.

And, as I mentioned before — if any union members (or non-members) wish, anonymously, to inform us about how things are going on the ground, we will preserve your anonymity. That’s a promise — in our comment box.

Onward now, to a fun family filled weekend, here in the City of Big Shoulders. . . .


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