Pfizer Was Paying Lobbyists — On Anti-Trust Issues Specific To The Allergan Redomicile Proposal (Now Abandoned) — In Q1 2016

As I said before, due largely to the 2016 US Presidential election cycle, lobby spend is up quite a bit in this first quarter reporting, at most large pharma concerns — Pfizer plainly included.

I am highlighting the Pfizer Q1 spend here primarily to mention the company’s focus (through lobby firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP) on anti-trust lobbying specifically targeted at the now scuttled “Pfilergan” merger/redomicile transaction. I long suspected (and last-speculated, in December of 2015) that antitrust issues were likely to be pretty daunting in the US, on that proposed deal. That now seems plainly true, with the benefit of actual lobby-spend disclosure hindsight. Of course, the second reason I write on this topic, is simply to mention that as is almost always true, Pfizer outspent Kenilworth on lobbying in DC. Now you know — here is a bit of the detail from Pfizer’s Q1 2016 spending reports, now on file with the US Senate disclosure office:

. . . .Patent Troll Legislation. . . .
21st Century Cures Initiative; Senate Innovation Project; Drug Pricing; Biosimilars Reimbursement Policy. . . .

Medicare Rebates/Medicare Part D; Non-Interference; Medicare Part B Reimbursement; Medicare Part B Demonstration Proposal; Medicare Part B CMMI Demo. . . .

Deferral; Comprehensive Tax Reform; Territorial Systems; Patent Innovation Box; Cadillac Tax; Inversions. . . .

International tax policy, including inversions; Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations – Executive Branch action re this issue; Miscellaneous tariff bill; Customs reauthorization conference report – HR 644, Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015. . . .

Antitrust issues associated with proposed merger between Pfizer and Allergan. . . .

Omnibus Appropriations Bill. . . .

Out for a bit — to enjoy a perfect Spring midday walk now, will wander by NFL Draft HQ — big fun, there. . . smile.


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